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"I had my carpets cleaned by multiple companies in the past, but no one did as great of a job as Kornelia Carpet Cleaning. The technicians were very polite, hard working and the carpets look great!  

- Mary, Elmhurst, IL

"The two guys did a fabulous job. The carpet came out looking like new!!! Great job, definitely the best carpet cleaners in Elmhurst!"

- Karen, Elmhurst, IL

"Thank you for cleaning our carpets. Your technicians did a fabulous job. Carpets look and smell fresh as new. I could not ask for a better service."

– Judy, Elmhurst, IL

"The guys cleaned my six unit apartment in Elmhurst and did a phenomenal job. The two technicians worked hard and cleaned my stairs and landings. The carpets turned out great; I will definitely recommend you guys."


Mark, Elmhurst, IL